This is what our franchisees say about Pestforce…

Wondering what it’s really like to have your own Pestforce franchise? Here’s what some of our lovely franchisees are saying:

‘I am already beating all expectations…’

“Working with Pestforce is the best of both worlds.

You work for yourself having your future in your own hands but you have the backing of head office and the wealth of knowledge from them and your fellow franchises who are all more than happy to help. A month in from my start date and I am already beating all expectations and with hard work I am starting to build up my contracts. I love being a pest controller and I now look forward to Mondays instead of dreading it. I would recommend Pestforce and it’s values to anybody, joining was the best decision I could ever of made.

Ken Iles   Pestforce Hartlepool

‘A Pestforce franchise was the ideal opportunity, because I already knew the business to a degree. So it was easier to do something that I already knew about. But I didn’t expect it to happen quite as fast as it did.’

Watch an interview with a Pestforce franchisee.

Lance Andrews  Pestforce Portsmouth

‘I used to work lots of hours and do lots of overtime and not really get very much out of it. So I was just earning other people the money, but now I can do whatever hours I want, and I know that I’m getting the benefits from it.’

Watch an interview with a Pestforce franchisee.

Matt Baldwin
Pestforce Brighton & Eastbourne

‘I don’t think I could have done this without the backing of the franchise. Just made it so much easier. It was just made so easy by yourselves. Everything that we needed to start a business. I couldn’t have done it without that help and support’

Watch an interview with a Pestforce franchisee.

Ken Iles Pestforce Teeside

‘During the first two weeks of training I was already taking bookings…’

“I recently joined the Pestforce Franchise as an owner/operator in my local area. I have been in the pest control industry for many years working for the big multinational companies.

Fed up of being treated like a number for little pay, stuck in a rut with no direction living pay check to pay check I decided to make a change and work for myself. During the first two weeks of training I was already taking bookings.

If ever I have an issue or require technical support Pestforce have my back no matter the problem. They’re always there when I need them. This is the support I need to help me get my business off to the best start. It will be hard work but worth it.

I strongly recommend you to make the call. It may be the best decision you ever make.”

Rick Rimmington  Pestforce Medway

‘Don’t hesitate, it’s a fantastic opportunity …’

“I chose Pestforce as they are the most reviewed pest control provider with excellent customer feedback and satisfaction.

The onboarding process was slick and easy to navigate.

Training was intense but very enlightening and productive.

The structure was very good as were those imparting their knowledge.

If I was to say anything to anyone looking at Pestforce as a future business, it would be don’t hesitate, it is a fantastic opportunity.

Paul McIntyre  Pestforce Glasgow

“Pestforce allows you the freedom to plan your own day but with the backup and expertise if needed from the Head Office

I was looking for a complete career change away from Livestock Farming when I came across Pestforce. The initial conversations with Gayle were very positive and the video presentation from Sean Taylor about the company allowed both myself and partner to make an informed choice. The training that has followed has been thorough, build my confidence and understanding of all procedures and protocols so that I am able to offer a comprehensive service to my customers. I would recommend Pestforce to anyone looking for a career that allows them the freedom to plan their own day but with the backup and expertise if needed from Head Office.”

Bryan Robinson Pestforce York March 2022

‘All I can say is don’t be afraid to do it “trust the process” 🙂 …’

“I chose to join Pestforce after deciding on a career change, I have been involved in pest control throughout my life but more as a hobby through gamekeeping, shooting and land management

After my first meeting with the team, I knew I had made the right decision, everyone was polite, friendly, and explained everything, there was no pressures at all.

The training was great from learning about the pests you would encounter, the IT systems in place, all the support you receive and everything about health and safety. After this I felt more than competent and comfortable to go out there and do it for myself

To anyone looking to join Pestforce or anyone just wanting to go in a new direction in life, all I can say is don’t be afraid to do it “trust the process” 🙂

Harry Willmore  Pestforce Ipswich

Bill & Helen have been part of Pestforce for many years but last week spent a couple of days at HQ this is what they had to say about the help and support offered…

‘I think it will change our Business…’

“I just wanted to say a huge thank you for last week! I think it will change our business.

The whole Head Office team were amazing. We are putting our prices up too!
I will begin inputting the contracts this week so there may be the odd phone call lol. Take care and thank you to everyone.”

Bill & Helen Griffin Pestforce Bill & Helen Griffin

‘All I can say is I highly recommend Pestforce’

“I first of Pestforce when I saw an advert in a magazine. I looked at a few franchise opportunities and chose pest control for a couple of reasons.

I am a keen shooter and I could see some synergies between my passion and my profession and I really liked the ethos of the forces group. The whole onboarding process was very smooth and Head Office were very helpful throughout the whole journey. The technical training was fascinating and I especially enjoyed the insight into pest biology and control. To anyone who is considering Pestforce all I can say is I highly recommend it.

Trevor King  Pestforce Milton Keynes

‘I wish I did this 10 years ago…’

“The training is great and the business model is paying off.

Me and my son George have always been into game-keeping and we spotted an advert for Pestforce in the BASC magazine and we get in touch to enquire about a franchise. The help and advice from day 1 has been fantastic. It was a big step for us but after a month of ups and downs I can honestly say I wish I did this 10 years ago. Sean, Gayle, Phil and the rest of the team are there for you, supporting you all the way with financial, marketing and technical support. The training is great and the business model is paying off. If it continues the way it is, we will get our investment back in 6 months. If you work hard, this is a great investment and I would recommend it if you are thinking of a change of career. Give Gayle a call it could well change your life.

Marc Vincent  Pestforce Northampton

‘Liked it so much invested in the Brand’

“I was a Baker for 35 years and then decided to join Pestforce with my son Samuel as a result of being made redundant in the first wave of the Pandemic. My wife Gayle is the recruitment manager and I had heard her chatting to people about Pestforce who were in a similar situation to myself. It was a no brainer, I love the outdoor life and wanted to set up a business where I could work the hours I wanted to. We haven’t looked back, the training was great, steep learning curve but there is always help on hand if you need it. I have earnt more money on some days, than I earned in a whole week as a Baker and no more 2am starts!”

Chris Baker  Pestforce Bucks & Berks

‘I cannot say how much I enjoy this job…’

“On seeing the Pestforce advert and travelling down to Head Office, I bought the Edinburgh franchise.

I cannot say how much I enjoy this job and I now earn what I used to earn, but there is no pressure, the only person I am in charge of is myself. The best bit of the job is helping people, detecting what their problems are, making many new friends along the way and enjoying each day as it comes.”

George Buchan Pestforce Edinburgh

‘I’m smashing my business plan and enjoying every day I go to work…’

“When deciding which franchise to choose I researched many other franchise companies, by far Pestforce come up trumps by a mile. The package, training and on-going support is just superb. From the start Gayle Baker made the whole process seamless. From the initial phone call to the meet and great interview you’re made to feel very welcome and a part of the forces group family.

The onboarding and training process are second to none and you come away each day learning new skills to help you on your journey. Thus, giving the confidence to start your new business. Albeit draining and hard work, very enjoyable..

To anyone looking to start their own business I highly recommend you pick up the phone and talk to the lovely Mrs Baker. To date four months into my new business I’m smashing my business plan and enjoying every day I go to work. You can make a good living as long as you deploy everything your taught during your training. I highly recommend Pestforce.”

Craig Gough  Pestforce Romford

‘If you are thinking of going into Pest Control I’d recommend you contact Pestforce…’

“I had been considering going into pest control for quite a while and I have a friend who has had a franchise with Pestforce for many years and he recommended I take a look. I particularly liked the marketing and backup that the Pestforce franchise provided.

I found the practical side of the training very informative and the admin side I found very intense as computers are not my forte, but the training was good and I know the support from the office is always there.

Gayle kept us informed all the way through the onboarding process. If you are thinking of going into Pest Control I’d recommend you contact Pestforce.”

Dean Gifford  Pestforce Hereford and Worcester

‘There are lots of opportunities to earn and you get out what you put in…’

“Head Office have been a real help, from my initial meeting with Paul & Gayle through to training, and on the job the support, it’s all there.

The best part is I’m doing something I really enjoy it doesn’t feel like work!, I’m my own boss but have a network of colleagues who are there to help. Head Office & Phil Shaw are only a phone call away and are always so helpful and knowledgeable. There are lots of opportunities to earn and you get out what you put in. I am very happy with how my franchise is progressing and feel there is a bright future for me and Pestforce.”

Andy Durrance  Pestforce East London

‘The training and support has been great!’

“Hi my name is Jason Honan and I joined Pestforce in May 2015.

I initially found out about Pestforce from a couple of people I’d worked with previously in and around the London area. They told me that it was a good thing to get into and a sustainable business. The training and support has been great!”

Jason Honan  Pestforce Southampton

‘I received excellent training and the team are always willing and available to help’

“I was at a stage in my life when I wanted something new and challenging and pest control had always been something that I wanted to look into.

After seeing the advert and speaking to the team at Pestforce I realised that this was the best option for me and my family. I received excellent training and the team are always willing and available to help. I have now been with Pestforce for 6 months, the business is really starting to pick up and I really enjoy the varied aspects of the job and meeting new people every day. Pestforce ticked all the boxes. This was definitely the right choice for me.”

Michael Pilla  Pestforce Crawley

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