The most recommended Pest Control Franchise in the UK today.

Our promise to all new franchisees

You will grow a profitable business

You will get hands-on help on your patch

You will be trained and your skill set will be developed whilst you’re a franchisee

You will grow your brand awareness with our help

You will receive reinvestment into your business to ensure that we are offering the best pest control service to our customers in the UK today

You will have regular meetings with us

You will be offered new national contracts and receive leads from us

You’ll always receive first class support



Watch our quick video below of one of our newest Franchisees Gary as he talks about his experience in joining Pestforce...


Do you have what it takes?

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The Earnings Opportunity

In a recent survey of our Pestforce Network, 34% of our franchisees had a turnover of £40k, 25% in excess of £50k and 10% 70k.


Low Cost, High Profit

The Pestforce Franchise has a low cost, high profit business that allow for the natural ebb and flow of business, both annually and seasonally.

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icon-rat1.pngBuild a BIG Business

Our service is always in demand, you are never further than 10ft away from a Rat! Maybe it's an old wive's tale but Rats & Mice are definitely recession resistant. Pest Control provides a real needed solution to a very real problem - be the local 'go to' person in your area.


National Contracts

As a one man band your chance of securing national contract work is very slim. Pestforce Head Office have a focus on bidding and winning national work and have contracts in place helping our franchisees increase turnover. A real business building opportunity.

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Call Us On 03335 670561