Frequently Asked Questions about Pestforce

You’re bound to have questions, and probably lots of them, and that’s

exactly how it should be!

Here are some of the most common questions we get asked, but our Discovery Days are a great chance to ask any other questions

you have.

Your Questions Answered:

Please take a look through the six videos which should answer most of your questions about the Pestforce Franchise.

Further questions or to book a Discovery Day to find out more, please call Gayle on 03335 670 561.

Do I need experience in being a pest control?

No. It’s great if you do but it’s not a pre-requisite. Our comprehensive training programme gives you all the knowledge and skills you’ll need.


Can I start part-time?

Yes, it is a possibility but we don’t recommend it. Some of our technicians have started in this way, building it up so they can give the ‘day’ job up. Just be aware that as long as you rely on your ‘comfort blanket’ you run the risk of not pushing yourself to really get your franchise going.


How much money will I need to invest in the business?

The minimum investment is from £17,995 + VAT. You will need a van and some working capital to live off whilst your franchise is growing and starts generating sufficient cash.


When can I expect to start earning money?

On Day 1, as soon as you have completed the training. Whilst you are here at Head office we spend time with you setting up your web pages and social media. But after that, the enquiries should start to roll in! We have had franchisees booking job in during their training!

What sort of return can I expect to make from my investment?

It is very much up to you. We have some franchisees earning £70k per year and some earning less than £20k. However, following our business plan you should expect to earn between £30-£50k in your first year. Most technicians work on excellent margins and 35% of our current technicians are earning in excess of £50k.


Are there any limits to growth?

No. You can employ additional technicians when you run out of hours in the day to support your growing business. Several franchisees already have a team and are rapidly growing their businesses, others don’t want to.


What type of people become franchisees with Pestforce?

Energetic, self-motivated individuals who enjoy the outdoors are typically drawn to this type of business. More important than your background is a real desire to succeed and deliver brilliant customer service.


Is there any National Work?

Yes there are some national contracts that you gain when joining the Pestforce network. These jobs will add to your own contract work.


Do I set the prices for work?

Pestforce has a pricing structure we recommend, National work has prices pre agreed but your own domestic and commercial work is set by you.


Do I pay commission to you?

We have a monthly fixed fee we charge, not a percentage per job.


What type of Van do I need?

It needs to be white or silver with less than 50,000 miles on the clock. Typical size is Ford Transit, Vauxhall Vivaro. Many guys lease, some buy. We work with a third party fleet company who help franchisee’s source vehicle’s if required.


What Marketing do I get?

You get full marketing support, Website, social and digital support. We have a dedicated team who work with you throughout the life of your franchise.


Can I employ people?

Yes you can.



Can I buy extra area’s and expand?

Yes you can if they are available.



What type of Pests to the guys treat?

Our Franchisee’s cover all types of work and pests. This includes the typical Rodents, Wasps to relocation of Bees, Bird proofing and Bed Bugs.



How do I sell the Franchise?

We help you sell you area and find a buyer. The aim is for you to build contracts up in your area and then when you come to sell its worth more than you paid for it.



I am already fully qualified in Pest Control is the Franchise right for me?

The answer is yes possibly… we do have a number of ex Rentokil for example, who now own franchisee’s with us and are doing very well. The fact they have experience means our marketing can get the phone ringing and they can do what they enjoy doing… the actual pest control.



Do you have a CPD scheme?

Yes we do and view this as essential within the industry.



Do you cover Public Liability insurance for your new franchisee’s?

Yes we have PL Insurance to £5M.

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‘Being your own Boss for me is key…’

“I came across Pestforce on the Internet, I’d always been interested in pest control and the problem solving aspect of it.

Being your own Boss for me is key, you can organise your own day/week, not have to work the 9-5 but have some flexibility. The training with Pestforce has been exceptional, the knowledge of the trainers is without doubt the best I have ever had. The atmosphere in the Head Office is friendly and everything is done to help you with your new career. There is no hard sell which speaks volumes.”

Andrew Oscroft  Pestforce North Notts & Mansfield