Our Story

This is the story of Pestforce

How it was conceived and developed, and how it has grown as a franchise since launching over five years ago.
The accolades, the awards and our story so far – here’s how it happened...

Pestforce is owned and run by The Forces Group which leads a number of companies that provide key services to businesses and customers across the UK.


In 2014, Pestforce was formed by Paul Smith and Sean Taylor under The Forces Group name, following their previous success and experience in the franchise industry.


Paul and Sean’s experience of franchise businesses and facilities management meant that they were ideally placed to take Pestforce to the next level.

Since early 2014, Paul and Sean have worked with their world-class team and together they have a plan and business vision of making Pestforce one of the most successful and recognised names in their industry.

The team at Pestforce have over 30 years of experience and practical knowledge in managing pest control businesses and support many franchisees in the Pestforce family.

In 2017, Sean won Entrepreneurs Circle’s prestigious National Entrepreneur of the Year Award, mixing with other ‘highly commended’ businesses.


And so the story goes on...

One thing we can promise you – life at Pestforce is never dull. New things will happen, changes and investments will be made and we will continue to grow! If you’re looking for a quiet life then Pestforce is probably not the best franchise business for you.

But if you want to be involved in something that is genuinely cutting edge, continually leading the way and pioneering where others follow, then hop on board... It will be VERY rewarding and fulfilling...

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‘An opportunity to make a living from my hobbies & have the flexibility of being my own boss’

“I first saw Pestforce in the BASC magazine around 3 years ago, the timing wasn’t quite right for me then, but it was the first time I had seen an opportunity to make a living from my hobbies & have the flexibility of being my own boss.

A year ago, following initial contact, the Discovery day at the Rodent farm excellent & eye opening. Discussing the support available, for Marketing, operational & technical expertise, training, business guidance and ongoing support from HQ with Gayle, Sean and Paul the time became right. Thinking about Pest control, Think Pest force and see where you could be in the future.

Mark Robinson  Pestforce Warwickshire

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