What You'll Get...

A standard ‘Defined Territory’ in Pestforce costs £16,500 + VAT; yet provides a proven opportunity to build a substantial business.

Trained to be super successful

Previous experience within the industry isn’t necessary as all franchisees go through residential and field training courses that cover every aspect of technical, administrative and sales activity within pest control.

We will provide you with a two week intensive course which follows the RSPH Level 2 training syllabus to ensure your business hits the ground running. Typically within 9-12 months you will take the exams to gain the RSPH Level 2 award.

Week 2 includes a visit to a Rodent farm to study Rodent control and then the rest of the week concentrates on sales and marketing and the systems to support your business and then “shadowing” an established franchisee.

From day one of trading, a franchisee will inherit the same national industry accreditations that enable Pestforce to open doors that remain firmly closed to lesser competitors, and can be confident that the training is nationally recognised.

Ongoing support

We recognise that every franchisee is making a huge leap of faith when they embark on their own business venture. Often it’s just the desire to be your own boss; to stop putting money into someone else’s pocket, or to fulfil a lifetime ambition – but whatever the reason we are there every step of the way; during and after training with online, technical, sales, telephone and field support. Pestforce can give you the best of both worlds, whilst you are your own boss and run your own franchise, you are never on your own – you will always have support and help from Pestforce Head Office and the Pestforce network.

Kick start your business

You’ll get a great starter kit of uniform, supplies and equipment which should help you generate your first £5,000 of sales. Your personalised web pages and social media platforms will be designed whilst you are in training and your marketing supplies ready for when you return back to your business. Vehicle livery to get you noticed and personalised stationery is also part of our extensive “starter pack”. We provide personal business boost sessions in territory or at Head Office to focus on growing your business. We will show you how to make a £45 pricing model turn into a six figure turnover!

Management systems

You will have online access to customised health and safety documents, which ultimately saves you time and ensures you have the most up to date information. Operation management system which manages your work for you and send text and email alerts so you never miss a call. We have spent a huge amount of time and money developing this Contract Management System that helps you run your business more effectively.

National contracts

Why not just do it on your own? Well apart from all the stuff we’ve described earlier, as a one man band your chance of securing national contract work is very slim. Pestforce Head Office have a focus on bidding and winning national work and already have contracts in place helping our franchisees increase turnover.


The Pestforce Franchise Package in Summary...

✓ Initial Training BPCA Level 2 Syllabus
✓ On location training/support
✓ Start up marketing boost – website, social media,

Google AdWords set up and management
✓ Business stationery
✓ Initial stock and materials
✓ Branded uniform
✓ DBS check
✓ Telephone tracking numbers
✓ CRM system
✓ Vehicle livery
✓ Operations manual
✓ Email accounts/intranet
✓ Supplier accounts
✓ Franchise licence
✓ PL Insurance
✓ Health & Safety Package
✓ RSPH Level 2 Training BPCA membership*(once

RSPH Level 2 qualified)
✓ CPD (Continuous Personal Development)

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